The Torch Passer Tee Project is a fundraiser, public art project, and education initiative
which actively funds small trans charities doing big things.

 In 2019, I began designing t-shirts seeking to uplift the legacies of activists and advocates for social change who were never given statues in public squares, are not spoken of in the mainstream textbook canon of the historic record, and are otherwise woefully under-credited for their contributions through a mix of nefarious respectability politics, systemic racism, and intentional erasure by a culture which fundamentally refuses to value the lives and legacies of the groups which they represent. The idea was to print their effigies onto sustainably sourced shirts as a combined fundraiser towards continuing their work, and to create a living, breathing guerrilla global public art installation designed to bring the erased persons' legacies back into the public eye.  

Each shirt came with a QR code linking back to an informative zine about the pictured activists' lives and work, so that the wearer could be empowered to educate the uninitiated and be encouraged to emulate adjacent acts of service, advocacy, and radical compassion in their own communities.

90% of the proceeds from each Stonewall Liberators shirt sold went to a grass-roots organization as local to the buyer as possible which actively benefits the safety, health, and wellbeing of low-income trans & gender non-conforming queer folks in need of support. 

The Torch Passer Tee Project is a fundraiser, public art project, and education initiative which actively funds small charities doing big things. 


 So far, the project has benefited the Sylvia Rivera Law Project (SRLP) (NYC), TGI Justice Project (TGIJP) (California), Youth Services of Tulsa, Trans Housing Atlanta Program, Inc., The Trans Health Initiative at Feminist Women's Health Center - Atlanta, the Transgender Equality Network of Ireland, SunServe - Social Services for South Florida's LGBT Community, Action for Trans Health (England), Open Doors Youth Service Inc. (Australia), and the Skipping Stone Foundation (Alberta, Canada).

We are currently in the process of seeking a production partner in order to do a second release of the shirts,

in hopes of benefitting even more groups doing fantastic work.


If you are an organizer with a charity which you would like to boost, please shoot me an email and

I will add you to the resources list on the original project webpage, and promote your project to

the network of previous buyers and social media channels free of charge. 

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